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Product Review - Mosiac Effects top coat.

Avon Mosaic Effects top coat
Avon is following the latest trend, crackled nail polish. When it came out I had purchased Sally Hanson's in black and I was highly dissatisifed. For half of the price Avon now has one in colors black and white. At first I tried the black, I used it on a dark color so it didn't like how it came out until I tried a lighter color. Tonight I used the white and was very happy with the result. I tried both a dark blue and a light blue. My only suggestion is use 2 coats of color, make sure it's completely dry and apply a thin coat of the mosaic top coat. When using white nail polish it comes out in a matte and tends to look like white-out. For best results use a top coat for both. If anyone has any product's they would like to hear reviews about. Feel free to contact me or leave comments. I would be happy to give my advice on any of our products.
Thanks, Ang.